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Excavation at “Karakoli” in Stratoni

In the Spring of 2009, in view of determining the location of metallurgical facilities in Stratoni, a military outpost in the form of a tower house was found at “Karakoli”, which was used from antiquity to the time of the National Resistance. Remnants of ancient household goods, part of the armament of the Ottoman Gendarmerie (police…

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Pottery workshop in Skala, Fourka

A pottery workshop and a forlorn kouros have come to light due to winds and rough seas! When the weather plays along with the whims of chance, antiquities are unearthed. In an area of 300m along the coastline of Skala Fourka, in Chalkidiki, strong winds and big waves revealed architectural remains and part of a […]

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Agios Ioannis, Nikiti

At “Agios Ioannis” in Nikiti, in the Municipality of Sithonia in Chalkidiki, in an area where a large-scale hotel complex is being developed, a cemetery has been excavated periodically from 2019 to date, spanning from the Early Iron Age to the Late Classical period (end of the 11th – 4th century BC). It is located […]

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